Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to check if CRS is set to auto-start on reboots

Sometime back, some one asked me a question - "how to confirm that CRS is set to restart on reboot?"

CRS can be configured to either to restart or not to restart on reboots. Disable restarts would be typically useful for troubleshooting CRS reboots or validating any system level changes.

To enable restarts (default):
$CRS_HOME/bin/crsctl enable crs

To disable restarts of crs on reboots:
$CRS_HOME/bin/crsctl disable crs

Note that the above needs access to root.

Whenever the above commands are run, it modifies the following file (on linux), which indicates whether or not the CRS is set to auto-restart on reboots:


It contains either "enable" or "disable" keywords.

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