Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oracle11g R2 - impressive and intelligent CRS installer (OUI)!

I was really impressed with the enhancements made to the installer, apart from the change in the look and feel. Prior to Oracle11gR2, installer would allow us to place the redundant copies of OCR/Voting devices/files unto the same file system (of course it doesn't make any sense though). But with 11gR2, it prevents us from placing the mirrors unto the same file system. There is no IGNORE option as well...either you have to place it on different file systems/locations or use a single copy. So the installer has "best practices" built into it.

Here is how I first attempt to use - placing all the three unto the same file system:

And here is the error message:

I ended up using a single copy for now:

BTW, the installer allows us to configure SSH, test SSH, option to use ASM or shared file system for OCR/Vote etc... The best of all, it now provides a script to fix any of the fix-able requirements such as kernel parameters etc..

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