Monday, September 14, 2009

Oracle11gR2: Deferred Segment Creation and export behavior!

I guess by now most of us know what Oracle11gR2's feature - Deferred Segment Creation really means. This post is about the impact this feature going to have while exporting a schema or tables using the traditional export. By default, any new tables created would have SEGMENT CREATION DEFERRED option set (unless you are using CTAS). This default behavior could be turned off by setting DEFERRED_SEGMENT_CREATION to false. The impact with this is - if you happen to export any of the tables, which do not have any rows (meaning empty tables without segments) - they will NOT be exported. This is only true with the legacy/old export and not with the export pump utility(10g and above). Something we have to remember if we can't get rid of the old habit of using old export! Of course, export is deprecated.

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Gary Myers said...

Bet that will catch a few people out.